Future Job Losses: 5 Careers AI Threatens

With advancements in large language models, AI is reshaping customer interactions. Telemarketing jobs face automation as AI-driven systems, exemplified by HomeServe's AI bot "Charlie," can engage with customers effectively, answering queries and resolving issues. 

1. Telemarketing Roles 

AI's role in insurance is set to expand. In the near future, AI can streamline background checks and validate insurance claims more efficiently, transforming the landscape of jobs involved in claims processing. 

2. Insurance Claims and Policy Processing 

The rise of AI introduces the potential replacement of mathematical technicians and basic math experts. AI's ability to swiftly answer fundamental math questions suggests a future where these roles could be automated. 

3. Mathematical Technician Positions 

Entry-level HR positions, involving tasks like application screening, candidate comparisons, and basic employee inquiries, are susceptible to automation. Evolving AI technologies, as highlighted by IBM's hiring pause for automatable roles, signal a shift toward redundancy in basic HR functions. 

4. Entry-Level HR Jobs 

Automation in packing roles is inevitable, with a 100% likelihood of these positions being automated according to predictions. Major retailers like Amazon are already incorporating robotics and AI in warehouses to pack, sort, and organize packages, pointing to the transformative impact on traditional packing jobs. 

5. Packers/Packagers Roles