Microsoft Teams Enhances Webcam and Audio Control

Currently in the Microsoft Teams Public Preview, the update offers easily accessible tools for switching cameras, adjusting audio sources, and speaker output. 

Microsoft is introducing more user-friendly controls for Teams, aiming to simplify audio and video management during meetings.  

the new features streamline access through a downward arrow next to the camera or mic button on the meeting toolbar. 

Unlike the existing version, where users navigate through multiple settings layers, 

allowing users to quickly switch cameras or change audio devices. 

This menu includes simplified audio and video options, 

The menu also provides options for noise suppression, spatial audio, and virtual backgrounds, consolidating settings that were previously buried in a sidebar accessible through the settings menu. 

In the new Teams update, users can effortlessly transition between their laptop's built-in camera and an external webcam or switch between microphones and headsets/speakers. 

with a wider rollout to all Teams users anticipated in the coming months. 

These enhancements are available for testing on Windows and macOS as part of the Teams client in the Public Preview program,