Xailient AI Drives CES 2024 Award-Winning Camera

Running Xailient AI, the camera distinguishes anomalies like package deliveries from normal activity, enhancing its effectiveness. 

Abode, a leading provider of DIY smart home security solutions and a customer of Xailient, gained recognition for its innovative Abode Edge Camera. 

As the first security camera incorporating this new Wi-Fi standard, Abode customers benefit from reliable wireless connectivity with excellent signal penetration through walls and floors. 

The Abode Edge Camera leverages cutting-edge Wi-Fi HaLow technology from Morse Micro, offering an unparalleled 1.5-mile transmission range. 

Unveiled at CES® 2024 as a "world's first," the camera earned prestigious accolades, including "Best Camera of CES" from WIRED Magazine and recognition from over 70 top-tier media outlets. 

This combination of intelligence, event alerting, and Wi-Fi HaLow positions the Abode Edge Camera as a category-defining solution. 

Homeowners can register family members for privacy-safe Face Recognition and utilize Abode's configurable workflow rules and automation engine for personalized alerts. 

The AI inside the Edge Camera provides key benefits to customers, such as extended battery life by screening out irrelevant events, privacy-safe AI operation within the camera, and personalized AI and alert rules. 

drawing attention from 130,000 professionals, press, and enthusiasts, solidifying its status as an industry leader. 

CES, the world's largest technology trade show, showcased this groundbreaking solution,